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Highlights from Design Detail’s take on Toscano

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We are happy, proud and thankful, that our work got featured in Design Detail magazine. So we thought of retelling the design story they had beautifully narrated in the magazine, here in our blog. Toscano is a premium Italian wine bar, restaurant, pizzeria brand. RCA had successfully designed five Toscano restaurants across Bangalore. Toscano, UB […]

Workplace Disruptions by New Technologies

Written by Vijay Dsouza

Imagine this, you arrive at the parking lot, a screen welcomes you by your name and tells you which parking slot is available for you. You walk into the office and pick a place where you would like to work from (probably around your teammates working on a project). You walk to your desk and your […]

Reworking Work

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Today’s work is more challenging, tasks more varied. People move constantly from focused individual work to one-on-one meetings, project sessions to impromptu collaborations, a series of planned and unplanned interactions throughout the day.

We design other spaces around the office (Third & fourth spaces) for greater employee satisfaction and more agility for the future, while also reducing the amount of real estate needed to support its workforce.

Upto a Minimum

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As designers, we constantly search for innovative ways to simplify our work. We want our designs to be efficient, functional and awe inspiring.

Nature Based Design

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Technology is excellently accounted for intelligence in function, current style of second modernity, high quality surface materials, current style patterns that provide the building with an iconic look.