How we do it


Our Edge

  • We are experts in designing efficient, fascinating and beautiful workspaces and hotels.
  • We architect buildings and structures that excel in spatial beauty and environmental care.
  • We are very careful with our clients’ hard-earned money and the treatment of their future assets.
  • We are cultivators of ideas that yield future-proof and sustainable produce.

Our Method

Our methods are clean and process crisp. We have mastered the project lifecycle and are able to dedicate more time to design and user satisfaction. A 360º approach to cultivate the designs that emerge from our IDEA FARM

An IDEA is born:

Visualization – 3D Views/AR/VR
Look & Feel

Team involved:
Client Project Group
Team Leads
Industry Experts


Searching for the IDEA:

Interview with senior leadership
Engagement with project leads
Observation of employees

Team involved:
Director with team
Industry Experts
Client Project Group



Developing the IDEA into feasibility:

Tender Drawings
Vendor Finalization

Team involved:
Team Leads
Industry Experts
Quantity Surveyors
Project Managers


Executing the IDEA:

Quality Monitoring
In-time Execution
Team involved:
Client Project Group
Project Coordinator
Senior Designers

  • We will have a glocal approach where we also infuse technology into the design approach.
  • Delivering a more sapien-centric space which is rich in textures, feelings and emotions.
  • Our ability to create new, innovative workspaces which are sapien-centric.
  • Third Spaces: The importance of detailing out the third spaces to articulate various kinds of activities which brings wellness and knowledge exchange.
  • We design to spark not just collaboration but that innovation you see when people collide.

Codes: At RCA, we believe in adherence to design & building codes. We follow International codes for Barrier-free design, Traffic Planning and Fire Regulation where we find a deficiency in the local codes, value Engineering to achieve budgets and drive costs down of Furniture and other finishing materials.

Virtual Reality (VR)

At RCA, we believe that Interior design in virtual reality lets designer and client bring design dreams to life. Shared VR allows the designer and client to gather inspiration and work together even if they’re on opposite sides of the world.

Virtual Reality is stimulating the user’s senses in such a way that a computer-generated world is experienced as real. It allows you to be a part of your own design story, creating a virtual world so real that you feel you are physically present in a space that only exists in your imagination.

It’s an exciting glimpse into how our relation to space will be forever transformed.

DocuMan is an entry-level document/project management tool aimed at streamlining the documents and drawing flow within a project.

To ensure thorough brief development, engagement with stakeholders and alignment of design team and stakeholders:

  • We would understand the design brief pertaining to this particular project in detail.
  • Actively engage with the core team and user group to understand the work pattern.
  • Project goals are aligned with strategy.
  • Detailed site analysis, provide sun path analysis to align the planning process.
  • A ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work because organisational culture, hence find an effective approach that works within your environment and industry and then replicating that approach across your organisation

The Scope of Service is clear and articulate. We are pitching for Interior Design services including dedicated consultancy in Acoustics, Graphics and Signage and Building Information Management (BIM) systems.

However, typically MEP services are clubbed with the ID firm wherein in this RFP it has been left out of scope.

In addition to our normal scope of services we also extend ourselves to the project to the minute level. For example, we help select the type of cutlery/crockery that would be used in the pantries/dining area. We also make it a point to involve ourselves in the selection of artwork, paintings & sculptures that would be placed around the office.

The Services

  • Landscaping
  • Interior Design
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Architecture
  • Urban Planning