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Nature Based Design

The world of architecture and design is constantly evolving, contending with current demands and processes. As research increasingly confirms, Nature based design has taken up precedence, with its potential to decrease stress in “built environments.”

Per recent studies, creating energy efficient spaces is even more successful if its occupants are inspired by the natural elements and features. At RCA, during the course of designing a sustainable building, we ensure to include elements where employees have contact with nature.

With the aid of technology, design has evolved in function and style in terms of modernity, quality of materials, and patterns that can provide a building with an iconic and outstanding look. These evolvements are vital for “going green”, encouraging an ecologically conscious mind-set. LEED rated or just green buildings, RCA’s designs are all environmentally conscious, combining biophilic elements in order to achieve lasting sustainability. The built environment uses less energy, while simultaneously energizing people and combatting stress within the workspace.

RCA utilizes pioneering design solutions that use renewable sources of energy and offer reductions in CO2 emissions. Environmental awareness is an integral part of the practice’s culture as it evolves to meet challenges of the future. “We build WITH the land, rather than on it.”