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Location Chennai
Year 2012
Area 60000 sq. ft.

An office building for Akshaya Homes in Chennai, this design is climatically-conscious, functionally-driven and statutorily-guided to satisfy the brief. The building core is designed in a circular shape for optimizing space, area, and heat transmission. Facing the west, the surface area of the fenestration is minimized. The façade glazing has a low UV transmission and louvers further assist in obstructing heat transmission into the building without blocking natural light. The reflective tensile roof at the terrace mitigates heat gain from the higher levels. Pristine materials such as natural stone for lobbies, cobblestones in open areas for surface percolation and local flora for the landscape is considered. These planning and design parameters enabled the design to acquire a LEED certification with a platinum rating, without compromising on aesthetics.